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"Synergy Soup's EZ Update System is fantastic. The digital imaging industry is constantly changing, and we need to update our site with the latest news and hottest gear. This system allows us to do that. It's fast, easy and intuitive."

Jeff Berman
Polo Imaging, Inc.
Okemos, MI

"The EZ-Update System has set us free. We no longer need to wait for our (ex) web developer to make the changes we request. We can log in any time we want and make our updates. Thanks Soupsters for liberating us and making our updates fun and easy!"

Slew Wilkins
Independent Leagues
Atlanta, GA

"Oh boy, do we love the Synergy Soup EZ-Update System! I never thought I would be able to update my web site myself. We also appreciate your team working with us to get us up and running - it was so quick! Thanks Soupsters!"

Dr. Ethan Childs
Ledges Chiropractic
Grand Ledge, MI

"This is so easy!"

MasterCraft Cabinets
Grawn, MI

...more to come!!


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Synergy Soup’s EZ Update System…
Simplifying website content changes!

Our EZ-Update System provides the easiest way for individuals and teams to update, create, and publish web content to any existing HTML website—without knowing HTML. That’s right! …Updating your web content IS quick and easy—just browse to the page you wish to edit, make your edits, and then publish your changes.

Call us today and start saving time and money right away!

We’ll create a Template from your existing design (or create a new one for you). Then we’ll convert your existing pages to the EZ-Update System template and you’re ready to edit.

Our EZ-Update System is so easy anyone can use it – if you can use Microsoft Word, you can edit your website. Quickly update text and images, add new pages, and publish content to any existing HTML website as easily as browsing to the page and typing a letter…And if you still feel you need help - our Synergy Soup staff is always here to guide you through the process.

Synergy Soup’s EZ-Update System Features:

Intuitive Interface
If you have basic web browsing and word processing skills, you'll be able to quickly update and add content to your existing website. Our interface has been tested extensively, to ensure it was intuitive and easy to use. We currently have over 60 clients utilizing our EZ-Update System. Look at the right side bar on this page to see what our clients are saying.

Connection Wizard
The simple Connection Wizard provides step-by-step instructions to quickly guide you through the process of getting connected to a website.

Easy Three-Step Workflow
Updating web content is quick and easy—just browse to the page in your site that you wish to edit, make your edits, and then publish your changes.

Familiar Text Editing
When editing text, our EZ-Update System works exactly as users would expect. Rely on familiar word-processing tools, such as an integrated spell checker and multiple levels of undo/redo. By default, the cursor drops down only a single line when you click return and the space bar can insert multiple spaces, unlike other HTML editors.

New-Page Creation
Easily create new web pages, copy existing pages, or export pages to your local hard drive.

Incorporate Content from Word and Excel
Drag-and-drop or copy and paste content from Word and Excel documents into your web pages, with the confidence that text formatting and HTML code standards will remain intact.

Drag-and-drop linking makes linking to files and documents a snap. Quickly create links to web pages, documents, and e-mail addresses using the Insert Link button and Integrated Link dialog box.

Inserting Content
Insert images, documents, anchors, or dates by simply dragging and dropping or cutting and pasting.

Table Editing
Our EZ-Update System includes full support for table editing—including adding and deleting rows and columns, splitting and merging cells, and formatting and sorting data.

E-Mail Review
Use the optional E-mail review process to solicit feedback from your web team members before you publish changes to your website.

Web Page Editing IS That Easy!
Call us Today for a Free Consultation.


e-mail: info@synergysoup.com
Grand Ledge, MI 48837