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..."We have been happy with the excellent customer service provided by Frank Cugini as well as his colleagues. Frank helped us develop a vision for the Healthy U Web site and provided the driving force of creativity."
..."Our customers, MSU employees, have commented on the professional look of the site and its functionality."

- Kimberly Lyth
Information Officer
MSU Health Promotion Program

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04/11/03 -

Synergy Soup's Talkinsites.com joins forces with RealTourVision to add web audio to RTV 360 Spins!...more 

04/08/03 -

Synergy Soup wins the development contract for the new Lansing Regional Chamber of Commerce web site...more 

03/06/03 - Synergy Soup Contracted to complete new web presence for Tri-County Office on Aging...more 
03/02/03 - Synergy Soup to develop web site for Michigan Concrete Paving Association...more 
02/22/03 - Synergy Soup hired by Forsberg Real Estate to create the web site for their Lakeside Preserve deveopment...more 
02/20/03 - Soup's CEO is awarded the "Standing Ovation Citation" by the American Red Cross Mid-Michigan Chapter for his efforts on the New chapter web site...more 
02/18/03 - Synergy Soup contracted to build the new web site for Edward's Photographic Studios, one of Mid-Michigan's long time photography leaders...more 
01/20/03 - Synergy Soup adds talented new Sales Director to staff as they see continued growth...more 
01/01/03 - Synergy Soup Begins TENTH YEAR of business...more 
12/20/02 - Synergy Soup to redevelop The Tech Connect web site for the Lansing Regional Chamber of Commerce...more 
12/11/02 - Soup's CEO elected to board of directors for the Grand Ledge Area Youth Football league...more
12/05/02 - Soup's CEO asked to join the Lansing Advertising Club's public service committee...more
10/28/02 - Synergy Soup asked to help introduce new high-tech auto detailing shop through animated TV spots and interactive web site campaign...more
10/25/02 - Synergy Soup named as The Michigan Automobile Dealers Association's preferred vendor of web development and web audio...more
10/23/02 - Synergy Soup's Talkinsites.com web audio technology is named as one of the New York Times Top 25 Ad Innovations for 2002...more
05/20/02 - KRON TV 4 of San Francisco, CA (Silicon Valley's viewing area) asks Synergy Soup to help drive ratings through the use of their Talkinsites.com web audio technology...more
04/18/02 - Soup's CEO asked to join the Mid-Michigan Red Cross Communications Committee to lend his expertise to develop a new web site...more
03/20/02 -

Synergy Soup's "Lunch Goddess" web site is nominated for a Webby Award...more

02/18/02 - Synergy Soup was selected to develop the web site for the Charleston WV Alley Cats. The Cats are a minor league affiliate of the Toronto Blue Jays...more

02/14/02 -

Synergy Soup was selected for the forth straight year to expand on their award winning efforts with the Lugnuts...more
03/19/01 - Soup is given the exclusive rights to distribute an advanced 3D media player...more
03/13/01 - Green Screens, Inc picks Synergy Soup for multi course exclusive deal...more
02/10/01 - Synergy Soup's CEO named to IT Counsel for a High-Tech Mid-Michigan...more
02/08/01 - Synergy Soup helps client win a multi-million dollar deal...more
02/08/01 - Synergy Soup releases the new Ingham Regional Medical Center web site...more
02/08/01 - Synergy Soup redesigns it's award winning Michigan Department of Ag web site...more
01/18/01 - Synergy Soup releases new Shockwave games for Michigan Eyecare Specialists...more
01/18/01 - Synergy Soup begins development of Quality Dairy Corporation web site...more
01/07/01 - Synergy Soup begins redesign of the 2001 Lansing Lugnuts web site...more
01/01/01 - Synergy Soup adds three talented new staff members...more
12/10/00 - Synergy Soup helps CASE Credit Union release it's new ISP services...more
12/01/00 - Synergy Soup releases New "Talking Web Site Technology"...more
07/24/00 - Synergy Soup's Lugnuts web site featured in Sports Illustrated...more

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